Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test: Harish Rawat claims Victory; Official results be seen tomorrow

Harish Rawat

New Delhi: Today, on Tuesday 10th May, as per the direction of the honourable Higher judiciary in the Country, the Uttarakhand Assembly floor test was to be held for ascertaining whether ousted Congress Chief Minister- Harish Rawat still is enjoying a majority in the House. Now after under the strongly tight security, the said floor test is held and the Chief minister- Harish Rawat himself appearing claiming victory in the same.

Besides, such claim from the former Chief minister- Harish Rawat, the indications were also given from the opposition lawmaker who stated that the Harish Rawat will return as a Chief Minister for the State.

Moreover, it is notable here, that after conducting such floor test in the assembly, the results are yet to be disclosed officially. The voting were conducted for confidence today, and it will be presented first tomorrow before the honourable Supreme Court of India, in a sealed envelope and thereafter the official declaration of the said results will be done.

While so, despite this biggest fact, the former Chief Minister to the Uttarakhand State- Harish Rawat found stated that “the cloud of uncertainty hovering over Uttarakhand will disappear tomorrow.”

Moreover, it is also made clear by the Bhartiya Janata Party’s lawmaker who stated that the BJP is supported by only twenty- eight Members of Legislative Assembly which is actually comprising of sixty- one members.

Soon after the said voting for floor test began, the BSP party’s chief- Mayawati found stated that BSP Party’s members will be standing in support with the Congress party. However, while so, the situation was also seen little horrible when the Congress Party’s Member- Rekha Arya found supporting the BJP party. But, such vote was overtaken by the Congress from BJP, when BJP’s Member- Bhim Lal Arya supported Congress party.

Moreover, the entire process of voting for the floor test was video- graphed for the evidence. And by tomorrow’s process before the Apex Court, the official results will be declared and on that basis the Apex Court would be deciding the major issue of President’s Rule in the State.

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