Uttarakhand Fire Issue: Javadekar says Four People Arrested for Starting Forest Fires

Uttarakhand Forest Fires

Uttarakhand: One of the biggest fire incidents, this year, being the forest fire in Uttarakhand has created trouble for both human beings and also other beings living aside or in forests in the state. Now in the development of the situation, the statements from the Environment Minister- Prakash Javadekar said that the 4 people were found starting the fires in Pauri Garhwal were arrested.

The said statements were released from the environment minister today, on Monday, 2nd May and besides the instances of such arrest, the statements further said that the number of fire cases had come down from 1,200 to 60 in of Uttarakhand.

Moreover, as per the Environment Minister- Prakash Javadekar, he said a strict action will be taken against these four people who first will be investigated. And also he confirmed that “not a single inch of forest land will be allowed to be encroached or diverted by anybody.”

It is notable here, amongst the areas which are highly covered by the fire in the state, the Pauri Garhwal is also one which is worst- affected district in fires and about twenty- three hundred of the hectares of the forest land in the state of Uttarakhand have been highly affected since from the month of February, this year.

Besides, the natural disaster due to the overheating waves, intolerable sun lights have contributed a lot in the misery of the people who were frustrated of such fire.

Not only this, the Environment Minister also found telling to the reporters that “fires have been controlled in Uattarakhand. The more than twelve- hundred fires cases have came down to just 60 today and they will be doused today…” Moreover, the credit of dousing such huge fire was given by him to the Six thousand people who have been working on the ground.”

Also, the said minister made it clear that all the other states which are having thick forest cover, were alerted to be careful about such fire incidents. The said huge fire at the forests, have killed at least seven people in the recent weeks.

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