Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Choppers returned back due poor visibility and thick smoke

Uttarakhand Forest Fires

Dehradun: To turn down the huge broking forest fire, the governments appearing using their possible methods, in which earlier they sent the helicopters, namely, MI- 17 of the Indian Air Force, however, though such helicopters were being used for dousing the raging forest fires in Bhimtal and Pauri in the Uttarakhand State, the said had to return to the base as they experienced a thick smoke and near zero visibility.

Notably, nearly three thousands of acres of forest cover have been destroyed by the said raging fires and also as to casualties, around 7 people till now died due to such fires.

It is also notable here that, since from the early of February month, this year about 922 incidents of the forest fires have been reported in the state of Uttarakhand and not only this there are over six thousands of the officials from the several departments have been seen deployed for tackling the said fires and in such departments, the National Disaster Response Force’s three companies, State Disaster Response Force’s personnel and also Army personnel are engaged in such work.

The areas in the state, including the areas of Tehri, Pauri, Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pithoragarh, Rupraprayag, Almora and Nainaital have been affected worstly due to such huge broking of fire.

Moreover, as per the Raj Bhawan Officials who found commented on yesterday, 30th April in Dehradun that besides the required personnel and equipment for dealing with any situation, there are enough funds which have been made available to all the districts which are affected.

In the State’s areas like Almora, pauri and Gauchar, the 3 National Disaster Response Force teams were sent for controlling the fire in forests, and such teams comprising of around 135 personnel. Other teams of such departments are also seemed busy in tackling with the fires in the different parts in the state. Also, the Forest division of Rudraprayag is also taking additional help from the Army department, to fight against the fire especial along the highways. It is pointed by the experts that such situations are generally, not experienced earlier, as earlier forest fires were seen, but not like this.

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