Uttarakhand High Court tells Centre, ‘Governor is not agent of Centre’

High Court of Uttarakhand

Nainital, Uttarakhand: Today, on 18th April, the honourable High Court of Uttarakhand’s Chief Justice stated that the Governor is not an “agent of the Centre,” while the said court was hearing the petition filed by the Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat where he challenged the Rule of President in the State of Uttarakhand which was imposed last month in the controversial circumstances.

The High Court’s bench headed by Chief Justice- K. M. Joseph while hearing such plea also said that the emergency powers must be used in the ‘extraordinary cases’ and also said that “interference” in the affairs of the State “is not to be seen lightly”.

Moreover, while so, the top Judge of the Uttarakhand state also sought to ask the centre that “can you topple a democratically elected government in its fifth year?” Further top Judge- Joseph also said that the Governor of the State should call the “shots” and he is “not an agent” of the Central Government. Chief Justice of Uttarakhand State also said the Governor of the State had taken “a call to ask for a floor test.”

It was seen in the early days of this Month (April) that the top court in the state of Uttarakhand had denied the plea of the Central Government, where the adjournment was sought in connection with the hearing in the plea. And while so, that time the Chief Justice of State said that this Court will not make an order unless it hears first the Centre.

It was on the 27th day of March, this year, the Centre imposed President’s Rule, after a day on which the former Chief Minister- Harish Rawat was to take a floor test, considering the chaos in the assembly after the budget was refused in the house.

It was seen that when the matter was brought in the court, the Centre for defending its decision filed an affidavit in the court and stated that “Constitutional machinery had broken down in the state.” Also the Central Government has submitted 8 reports in the court.

It was also pointed reportedly that the said crisis was started after a rebellion in the ruling Congress which had a ‘wafer- thin majority in the house and nine of rebel members broke away from the Congress.

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