Varanasi Court sees ‘Hand Grenade’ in polythene bag in its premises: now defused

Varanasi Civil Court

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: Courts which all Indian believes to be a ‘temple for Justice or Nyay Mandir’ is also not safe, as today, on Saturday, 23rd April, in the premises of the District Court of Varanasi, in the early morning time, a hand grenade was found and this has caused panic. However, the said hand grenade was defused later.

As the said grenade had no detonator and thus, it was defused later, and also the across the town the security officials/ police officials scaled up the security levels for trapping any other similar situation earlier.

It was seen that the said hand grenade was spotted by the by- passer at around 9.40 AM today, and it was found in an polythene bag which was not claimed by anyone. Moreover such polythene bag was kept under the chair near gate number one of the court. And soon it was spotted, the Police personnel were called and then the police officials dealt with it. However, situation for the time being was much panic, still there is fear in the mind of officers and also common people visiting court.

It was also seen that soon the said hand grenade was spotted, the Court work was immediately suspended, and thereafter when the police rushed the spot immediately then the area was cordoned off until the squad for the bomb disposal recovered the said explosive.

The instances of such hand grenade’s being without detonator, were confirmed by the SSP- Akshay Kulhary.

Moreover, the senior official found telling the media that “all the entry and exit points to the court have been sealed and police is trying to check the whole premises for any more such things.”

Also, it is seen from the statements came from the LIU- Local Intelligence Unit’s officials that they are seeking to link the said recovery of the hand grenades with the Possible gang war, and also they are involving the Mafias like Brijesh Singh, reportedly, behind the incidents, as they are visiting the court for their appearance in the cases.

Officials also confirmed that in the year 2007, the court had experienced the explosion of bomb in the court premises in which some of the peoples were killed.

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