Vijay Mallay’s Kingfisher’s former Employees going to approach Supreme Court for their dues

New Delhi: Now, the former employees of the Kingfisher Airlines have decided that they would approach the Supreme Judicial organ of the Country- Supreme Court for enforcing the now defunct company, to pay them their dues.

The senior advocate- M. V. Kini whom the concerned employees are in touch with for putting up their case before the honourable Supreme Court of India and it is notable that the he assured them that their case will fought by him for free (pro bono), after considering their financial conditions.

It was seen earlier Today, i.e. on Saturday, 12th March, there has been addressed a letter to the Prime Minister by the Kingfisher employees, to the effect that they have not been paid their dues including the salaries and statutory dues like Provident Fund and Gratuity also. Again, the letter found added that they are also receiving the notices from the Income tax department, which they are hounded with, although the tax default is from the side of the Airlines and not on their part.

Moreover, the letter is also shown contending that, the present laws for the protection of the employee’s interest, have become redundant and failing for serving the purpose for which they were meant. Also, it is found stated in the letter that some of the people approaching the courts were awarded with decrees in their favour, as they can afford legal fees, even after which it did not translate into actual dues, as such the same is making a mockery of judicial system and the other people are still fighting to get their dues in the winding up petitions before High Court.

Not only this, some from the politicians are also found taking interest in the issue, as the Delhi Chief Minister- Kejriwal has also appeared putting onus on the Prime Minister saying that the bureaucrat could not have been let by the Central Bureau of Investigation- CBI to leave the country, without the letter’s approval as they directly report to him.

It was seen earlier that the CBI found admitting that the first lookout notice for detention of the Vijay Mallya at the country’s exit point was issued in error.

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