Vijay Mallya, facing legal battle in India, lives in mansion worth of Rs. 100 crore in UK


Business; India: The all famous liquor baron- Vijay Mallya, who is currently rounding in news daily, is reportedly, having a big mansion where he is residing in United Kingdom, worth of 100 crore rupees i.e. around fifteen million dollars.

Moreover, it is pointed in one of the news agency, namely, The Sunday Times, where it had quoted the confirmations from the businessman- Vijay Mallya who said that “my official address in the United Kingdom is at Ladywalk.” Thus, it is safe reported notably that Vijay Mallya’s mansion is in Tewin village of Hertfordshire, near London.

Moreover, the businessman who had bought the Ladywalk from British Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, he found stated that the “ownership structure of Ladywalk is legal.” And also he has confirmed that as to this, the information has been given to Indian authorities.”

However, it is notable here, that the said businessman who is also an MP in India, again found stated that he has been a British resident from 1992. Moreover, the borrower named in officials papers as Ladywalk Investments which is a company as incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, another tax haven.

However, again being in India, Vijay Mallya who is a famous businessman had owed several loans and the banks have been going for legal battles with Mallya, there is also ED enquiries in the matters of thousands of crores loan due to him.

Recently, due his failure attend the court proceedings, and also for his failing in responding the summons from Enforcement Directorate which has sent that trice, the said ED has sought for a non- bailable warrant against him. And the court had allowed claim of ED.

Also in the very recent past days, in this month, the diplomatic passport of this big businessman was also revoked and proceedings are also claimed for his deportation on the ground of such revocation of passport and also on the basis of non- bailable warrant.

Responding all such actions against him, liquor baron- Mallya found stated that an arrest warrant against him was “unjustified” and he also found tweeted that “respect and comply with the law of the land.”

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