Virus DNA which came from Ancestors found hidden in Human Beings

New York: A new research on the study which is published in the Journal- PNAS shows that our so thought “human” DNA’s 8 per cents are actually came from viruses. Moreover, it is noted that our DNA is actually less “human” than we were thinking previously.

The new study shows that the researchers have found Nineteen new pieces of Non- human DNA left by the viruses, which had first infected our ancestors, who contacted with it around hundreds of thousands of years back in the human history.

Such 19 new pieces of the non- human DNA found by the researchers as lurking between humans’ own genes.

Newly found DNA’s one stretch which was also seen among Fifty out of 2500 peoples who were examined in the research study. And this contains an ‘intact, full genetic recipe for an entire virus’, as shown by the researcher in their study.

The researchers who reveal these facts are from the Tufts University and University of Michigan. Moreover, they further made it clear that the issue whether it can replicate or reproduce, is yet to be understood by them.

Also, as per researchers, they further found confirming Seventeen other pieces of virus DNA which is found in human genomes by the researcher in the recent years.

Thus, it was seen that the researchers in their study had a look over entire span of DNA, or genome, from the people worldwide, and which shown inclusive of large number from Africa.

In the research- study, the researchers were found using sophisticated techniques for comparing the key areas of genome of each person to the “reference” human genome.

Moreover, the study is also showing one already known fact to science, which is about Human endogenous retroviruses- HERVs which is the name for the “ancient infectious viruses which inserted a DNA based copy of their own RNA genetic material into human’s ancestor’s genomes. It is noted that they found the part of same virus’s type which the modern human immunodeficiency virus includes and also which is causing AIDS.

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