Visakhapatnam Bio-diesel Plant Fire: Top official finds no implementation of building fire safety norms

Biodiesel Factory Near Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam; AP: The major fire broking out incident in the Visakhapatnam- based Bio- diesel manufacturing plant of Biomax Fuels Limited taken placed on 26th day of April, Tuesday was completely extinguished by yesterday’s evening by some of Forty Fire Engines. Till the time now casualties were reported and now situation is fully under control.

While so, the top- level Government Official found stated that the building fire safety norms had not been implemented at the plant. And many believe that the said fire would have resulted due to such non- following of the norms of safety.

It was seen in the evening time at about 7: 30 PM of Tuesday, that the said fire broke out at the said bio- diesel plant which is located in the Visakhapatnam’s Special Economic Zone in Duvvada area.

Moreover, in the information as has been given through the statements revealed from the State Disaster Response and Fire Services’ Director General- T. A. Tripathi that the said company- Biomax Fuels Limited was having no fire safety system as prescribed in the National Building Code, 2005.

While so, the said Mr. Tripathi also submitted report to the Government where he had clearly stated that there was seen no maintenance of the safety distance between the storage tanks and also due to this the fire quickly spread from one tank to another.

Notably, the said fire was seen engulfing around 12 storage tanks out of the available 18 tanks in the plant. The as per Mr. Tripathi there was no proper captive fire control system, automated drenching system and sprinklers in the plant.

While so, besides such report, the Collector in the area, namely, Dr. N. Yuvaraj also submitted his report and stated that as per the employees in the factor, short circuit in the motor sparked off the said fire.

It was also seen meanwhile that the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh- Chandrababu Naidu also found ordering the joint inspecting to be done by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Fire Services and Factories department officials. And such inspections to be done in connection with all the industrial units in the district of Visakhapatnam and also industrial safety audit within a week period.

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