Water Crisis in Drought- hit Marathwarda region: Officials says only 3 per cent water remains in Dams

Drought in India

Mumbai: Nearly everyone knows about Maharashtra and the serious drought issue in it, as recently in connection with the Indian Premier League matches, the higher judiciaries have slammed cricket associations for their waste of water for maintain pitches. Now, as per the officials, who declared today, on 19th April that there is only 3 per cent water left in dams in the drought- hit Marathwada region in Maharashtra.

The region- Marathwada is having 11 major dams and out of them 8 dams are at dead storage level, as such it can be safely said here that water from such dams cannot now be flown out, but has to be lifted.

Moreover, as per Umakant Dangat- the Divisional Commissioner at Aurangabad said that the said decline in water storage is “drastic” as at this time last year (2015), the level in the dams of Marathwada was much higher at “11 per cents”.

Also he Umakant added that “we will also use the groundwater stock”. Further he also said that if the “IMD forecast is good,” then hopefully, “we will be able to carry on till the monsoon arrives.”

Moreover, notably this is the 4th year of drought in Marathwarda, in the previous 5 years, and as the region is comprising of 8522 villages, each of them have been affected for 2 consecutive years.

Moreover, as per the Water resource Minister from the Maharashtra- Girish Mahajan, the supply of water to the industry have been already cut. And the also the water’s prime use for the drinking purpose is set by the Collectors and Divisional Commissioners as instructed is at the top priority.

Moreover, as per the reports, the major drought- hit area at Latur in Marathwada region has been offered with the water by using a special “water train” which is filled at Miraj in western Maharashtra.

As such, considering the situation which is prevailing in this month of summer, the coming around two months are also left to suffer more. The administration is shown involving all its efforts to provide at least drinking water to the people residing in this state. Considering the reports, as the monsoon in this year will be comparatively good, the hopes of having good days ahead of coming two months seen on the faces of people.

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