WhatsApp Updates: New Version adding formatting options and better file support, etc

WhatsApp the fastest growing the messenger for the Android and other devices, always offers great news with the amazing features which it adds for users convenience. This time, the WhatsApp messenger has brought a new set of features as a part of version 2.12.535 for Android. In the updates this version is offered as one of the major updates that the app has received after document sharing.

Thus, the new updates in the Facebook- owned messenger will be allowing the users to format text inside messages as bold and italics. The users need only to put the text that they have to seen as bold inside the asterisks while typing and the phrase that they need to italicise between underscores. Moreover, this will let the recipients of the message to see the test in Bold and Italics. However, notably, the recipients should also be on the same app version for viewing text in such formats.

Recently, it was seen that the messenger has started the service of sending and receiving the PDF formatted filed over the chats. Moreover, now it is allowing the Android users, with the latest version, to send PDF files and not only from the device storage, but also from the Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts. And also additionally, it will be allowing the users to send Docs., Sheets, Slides formatted files from the Google Drive, however, such files will be converted into PDF format automatically for sending.

Thus, with other and all the above discussed changes, the WhatsApp has brought new experiences for the users, which they have also welcomed, as they can now do much more inside the app and with their Android devices.

When we thing about the Messaging apps, WhatsApp is the one which many people talking about, it is as such a most popular in the messengers’ world. And in the number of reasons for which the App is selected by the people generally from the age below 30, the one is relating to its constantly being updated with the new features, as can be seen above.

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