When MPs created pressure on Centre, it may again move Supreme Court to defer NEET

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: After the straight forward decision by the honourable Supreme Court of India in connection with the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test- NEET, which has made by it a common gateway for Medical and dental programmes’ admissions, now the Central Government deciding to approach the Apex Court for postponing the same, by a year.

As per the statements of the Parliament Affairs Minister- M. Venkaiah Naidu who stated in Lok Sabha, yesterday, on Wednesday, 11th May that “the Government has nothing to do with the decision to hold NEET from this year.” Moreover, he clarified that this is “a Supreme Court directive. But it is true that we cannot expect students to switch to a new system. We are for common entrance exam but not from this year.”

As such the minister shown the Centre’s intention as “We’ll again approach the court for this through Attorney General and plead before it to defer it by a year.” The statements were preferred by the Parliament Affairs Minister- Naidu while there was questions raised by the Members of Parliament- MPs in Lok Sabha during zero hour.

Moreover, it was also seen in the Lok Sabha that the, cutting across party lines, the Members of Parliament found stated that students who are preparing for the Medical entrance tests in the States would be suffering and as such the said National Eligibility cum Entrance Test should be postponed for a year.

Pointing the hard work of the students to get such state exams cracked, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar- a Member of Parliament from Trinamool Congress party stated that such their West Bengal Students had been preparing for years for such test.

Moreover, when such students (from West Bengal) were told, all of a sudden that there will be held, a Central Exam and the said National Eligibility cum Entrance Test’s syllabus would be about thirty per cents different from the state exam syllabus, the students find themselves in trouble. As such the said MP- Kakoli found requested, saying “please initiate a legislation to do away with the court order and hold common exams in phases so that students are not anguished.” Moreover, she also sought to ask that “how can students who have studied always in a regional language suddenly take the test in Hindi or English.”

It is notable here that the state exams in Bengal were scheduled to be held by 17th day of this month, however, with the said decision of the Supreme Court, now such exams cannot be held. As such the proposal for differing such exams, demands were raised by the members from the Congress party and others.

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