WHO reveals that Delhi no more most polluted city in the World

World Health Organisation- WHO

New Delhi: As per the urban air quality database of the World Health Organisation- WHO which was released, today, on Thursday, 12th May, the India’s big city Delhi is no more the most polluted city in the World.

Moreover, now, in fact the city (Delhi) amongst the three hundred cities from the 103 countries secured Eleventh rank in terms of PM 2.5 (fine, particulate pollution) and twenty- fifth in terms of PM 10 (coarse pollution particles) levels. However, notably, earlier in the year 2014 the Delhi city was ranked the most polluted city in terms of 2.5 levels, when World Health Organisation had monitored only Sixteen hundred cities. Now, a significant improvement in the environment of the city can be pointed with such reports.

World Health Organisation, as added fourteen hundred more cities to the last monitored cities in its database, found that Zebol in Iran country is the most polluted city in the world. However, though the situation for Delhi is much favourable to the environment, but there are other Indian cities like Gwalior and Allahabad which are close second and third in terms of PM 2.5. Such PM 2.5 is connected with the serious health effects than that of PM 10. Other Indian cities like Patna and Raipur also ranked to sixth and seventh toppers in the matters of pollution.

For confirming that the Delhi is not more polluted city in the world this time, the World Health Organisation had used the various government and researcher organisations’ data for the database.

Moreover, as per the statements from the experts, the efforts of Delhi towards the control of air pollution may have reflected in the improvement in ranking. However, as per some other experts, who interestingly said that WHO has been mainly focusing on particulate matter (PM) but not so much on oxides of nitrogen (NOx) which is a problem in many parts of the West.

However, while so, the Global treads since the year 2008 are showing that the levels of the Air Pollution gone up by eight per cents, even though there are improvements in the many cities.

As such, the World organisation in its statements found stated that the air pollution levels in the urban area were lowest in high- income countries. And the lower levels are mostly prevalent in the Americas, Europe and the Western Pacific Region.

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