With Android tweak, CREO Teases Mark 1 Smartphone and promises monthly updates for features enhancing

Bangalore: The Bangalore- based startup consumer technology company- CREO, which is recently, posted a video revealing the Mark 1 smartphone on its social media feeds, is offering specifications which are not forthcoming at this point. But judging by the video, Mark 1 phone is having a contemporary look with a curved metallic rim and slim glass back.

It is also size similar about an iPhone 6 Plus. Moreover, it is also offering with the great look. The company is offering the phone with the promise that its Operating System will be updated in each months, thus the phone will be running like new.

As stated by the Co- Founder and CEO of the company- Sai Srinivas, the users of Creo would be put at the centre of their monthly update model, which will be bringing powerful Operating system level features which in present on Android, is not available.

Moreover, he also said that the updates feature will be offering based on suggestions and feedback which the company will be receiving from their community. And this has been termed as “truly” first of its kind. The company will be collecting the requests for features from their users and then they will plan out releases basis feasibility, while ensuring that one breakthrough feature is released every month, as the company has promised.

Also, while stating on so, meanwhile, the CEO and Co- Founder of the company further spoke on launching of the Creo Mark 1 smartphone, which will be launched sometime early this year on its proprietary Operating System, based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 .

It is notable that the startup is the maker of the Teewe HDMI streaming dongle, and also in January, they have announced the re- branding and funding it. It was when the company had pledged to deliver features that are not in existence in present on any other Android smartphone device, also it has promised for its concerned monthly updates which will allow to keep phone new with its newly coming features.

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