With New experiences and developer opportunities, Microsoft brings Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 for PCs

United States: The largest technology company- Microsoft Corporation has announced yesterday, 30th March, its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. And this update is stated to be arriving in not only to the PCs having Windows 10, but also to the Tablets, Smartphones, Microsft HoloLens, IoT devices and also to Xbox One console.

The said updates have been seen announced at the Build 2016 developer conference, where the concerned tech- giant has shown its planning to roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update “this summer”.

Moreover, in the part of the said update, it was shown that the Windows Hello will be supported by both the Windows Apps and Microsoft Edge, and this will allow the users of Windows 10 which are 270 million in number, to log in to the apps and websites in Microsoft Edge, using featured options like Face Lock biometric technology, even not involving the use of passwords.

Microsoft’s Product Manager- Bryan Roper found stated in the conference that the said updates as Anniversary Update for the Windows 10 would be additionally offering Windows Ink, which is the new platform offered by the company and developed for the Windows 10 apps, and also it is supporting the pen and stylus. Moreover, this feature is shown to work on Microsoft Office, Bing Maps, Edge and even Sticky Notes among others. Moreover, it is also stated in its praise that the developers will also be able to include the support as to this feature in their own mobile applications by inserting a short two- lines code.

A better and deeper Cortana integration can also be expected by the Users of Windows 10, thus for example users will soon be allowed to use the sticky notes to feed reminders in to Cortana.

In the highlights of its some of the features, the Windows 10 Anniversary update will be improving the background execution, extensions of apps, action center, and Windows Store and Dev Centers. Also, additionally, the Microsoft corporation has also made a Windows Holographic SDK and emulator, which will also be provided soon for download.

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