Women’s entry in Temples: After Shani Shingnapur, activists now targeting Mahalakshmi Temple, then Trimbakeshwar Temple

Mahalakshmi temple Kolhapur

Maharashtra: After a getting entrance in the sanctum sanctorum of Sani Shingnapur in Maharashtra State, by breaking age- old tradition where women were restricted from such entrance, now the woman activist- Trupati Desai, yesterday, made her decision to take her fight against the gender discrimination and now at next level she sworn to launch her agitation claiming women’s entry at the Kolhapur- based Mahalakshmi Temple.

Trupti Desai- the Bhumata Brigade activist found stated yesterday, that her movement will continue and now at Mahalakshmi temple would from 13th day of April, will be started and thereafter, she would again move for the Nashik- based Trimbakeshwar temple.

As per Desai, she claimed her “fight to continue” at any place where the instances of “gender bias” would be experienced in temples. She was talking to media, when she made such statements.

While so, she also preferred to say that after a three- month’s fight, the Women power has won, and she claimed that “this is just the beginning”.

It was seen on Friday, 7th April, the Bhumata Brigade cadres along with Trupti Desai who were escorted with the state Police offered first pray in the history (for women) at the sanctum sanctorum of Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district- based Shani Shingnapur temple.

On Friday, while talking to the media, the women activist expressed her happiness and said that “we have launched our agitation from Shani Shingnaput, it succeeded”. She also said that the Maharashtra Government had earlier taken a “wrong decision”, but now the Maharashtra’s Chief Minister- Devendra Fadanvis has agreed and he “won’t stop us from going to inner sanctum of the temple”.

It was actually, in furtherance of the decision of the Judiciary, and later one which can from the trust at the Shani Singnapur temple, the women were allowed on Friday to enter the said inner sanctum of the temple and they were allowed to offer their prayers. As such, around a hundred women on that day entered the temple’s sanctum and offered pray.

It was also seen, yesterday, that on the occasion of the Gudi Padwa, the hundreds of the devotees when line up for worship, a mob of the men suddenly arrived temple’s outside stripped to their undergarments, as they barged aside the security for enter the inner sactum of the temple and pray.

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