Word Power Made Easy

word power made easy

Book Review: Comparing the present situation, the earlier days were fully opposite and the people from that age were not found much busy in their different tasks. Thus, in the present situation, now the people on this earth have become much busy and they are engaged in their works, even forgetting their meals and lunches. As such this present world is being called as the World of competition. With such amazing development, the people have got many things to learn but with the speedy progress and their fast involvement in their works, they generally forget to learn about the very basics of everything. Thus, as the matter is connected with the vocabulary and also with the grammatical corrections, now a days there can be seen number of people doing their works in the most popular, even a world popular language called English, but they often fails in the perfection and correct use of words and grammars in the sentences. Thus, the people fail in their very basics of language and as such they may be required face trouble while they are busy in performance of their tasks. Thus, to improve their vocabulary and grammar people generally go for many options. And in all such options, the present Book is one, because it is offering all amazing support to the readers for improving their basics in the English language.

The present book is as such brought from the top author, Norman Lewis, who is not only an Author but he is also a Grammarian, who took birth in Brooklyn, New York, in the long years back in 1912. He was also a lexicographer and etymologist. He was studying in the Columbia University in the year 1941, when he wrote his first book ‘Journeys Through Wordland’. Also, besides this amazing book he has written many books, namely, ‘30 days to Better English’, ‘Dictionary of Word Power’, Speak Better Write Better, and ‘Rapid Vocabulary Builder’ amongst others.

Thus, the present book is as such brought from the most talented and famous author and it is offering all amazing contents helping the people to use the right words in their sentence making and also it is helping its readers in their correct pronouncement of the words and spell the words in the correct manner. Moreover, this book will also provide support for the readers to improve their grammar in the correct manner so that they will never make mistakes in their routine and other speeches. Its each and every chapter ends with the review and each and every section ends with a progress check. Also, this book will be offering most amazing and number of tests for increasing and retaining the knowledge which the readers will be acquiring. It is as such not only adding the words in the vocabulary of the readers, but it will also do more than this. It will surely teach the readers, the ideas and a method of broadening knowledge as an integral part of the vocabulary building process.

Thus, the present book is really very amazing and it will surely offer all support to the readers to make their language in speaking and writing, strong. This book is actually written with this purpose. Thus, the people though may not have enough time to spend with the teachers in his teaching classes, but they can at least gather time for reading. And by reading this book they will surely be offered with the all knowledge which they will be required regarding the most famous and worldwide used language, English. This book is actually, brought in the public use and published in the year 1949, as a best known title, Word Power Made Easy, a vocabulary builder. Its paperback is as such now offered for purchased in the online markets too. And it is offered as such, in the very common and affordable prices too. Thus, this creation is not only beneficial, but also more affordable too.

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Word Power Made Easy

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