World Press Freedom Index: India ranks at 133; saying PM-Modi seems ‘indifferent’ to issues against journalists

Press Freedom Index

Washington: The World Press Freedom index which is annually providing the list of Press Freedom index ranked India an abysmally low at 133 among the 180 countries in the latest annual report. Moreover, it is also saying that the current Prime Minister- Narendra Modi seems “indifferent” to the threats against journalists.

The said ‘World Press Freedom Index’ this year (2016) is released by the Reporters Without Border- RSF which is led by Finland, and this has remained at the top rank for the regular six years, without any less rankings, and this followed by the Netherlands and Norway.

It is notable that the India in the year 2015, i.e. the last year was ranked at the 136th position in the reports, however, now this time it has jumped three spots from that position.

Moreover, as per the report, the “Journalists and bloggers are attacked and anathematised by various religious groups that are quick to take offense.” Also this report also shows that there are certain regions in India, where the journalists faces hardships for covering stories. Report also gave example Kashmir, as such region in India where journalists face hardship while covering stories. And the issues of such region are considered by the Government as sensitive, as pointed by the report.

Also, the report further pointed that the PM- Narendra Modi as seemed by it “indifferent” for such threats and problems, and also reports points that “there is no mechanism for protecting journalists.”

Moreover, the report also put allegations against the PM- Modi without substantiating the references, and says “Instead, in a desire to increase control of media coverage, Modi envisages opening a journalism university run by former propaganda ministry officials.”

While, so the report ranks United State at 44th position, Russia at 148th position, and the countries neighbouring to India, like Pakistan ranked at 147th position, Sri Lanka at 141st position, Afghanistan at 120th position, Nepal at 105th position, Bangladesh at 144th position, Bhutan at 94th position and china at 176th position in the report.

Moreover, the report also pointed that there has been a very deep and disturbing refusal in relation to the freedom of media both at Global and also at regional levels.

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