World’s Best Boxer- Muhammad Ali died: He would receive Public Funeral at Louisville on Friday

Muhammad Ali

Louisville: World’s most famous and well- known, legendary boxer- Muhammad Ali died on Friday, 3rd June, and his life will be celebrated with the public funeral procession and memorial service next week in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky. The information is given by sources from his family.

Muhammad Ali, throughout his entire life span got so many victories and he was world heavyweight champion for three- time during his career, besides his being a colourful civil rights activist. He died in his seventy- four and he was facing serious health conditions, while battling against Parkinson’s disease.

He was one of the best boxer in the world and his name is as such most famous among the sportspersons. He also worked for Hollywood and his listing in it was in A- list, which is really great. During his life, he converted into Islam religion and also he married four times. Moreover, now, as per the family spokesman, now his procession will be organised in the manner so as to “allow anyone that is there from the world to say goodbye.” World’s popular names are showing their pains for him, and even United State’s President- Barack Obama led tributes for him, and issued an unusually personal statement in which he said he keeps a pair of Ali’s boxing gloves and a photo in his private study.

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