Yahoo to terminate Livetext, Yahoo Games, Astrology Services and more

Yahoo said that they are going to end products such as Yahoo Games, Yahoo Livetext, Yahoo Boss and others to improve the business of their other main products such as Yahoo mail, yahoo search, Tumblr, News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle. Yahoo declared that they will close down Yahoo games and distribution channel on may 13, 2016. So the users made in-game purchase will have to check the information from game publishers for further alternatives.

Moreover, in the coming days yahoo wants to close the regional media properties. Alongside this Yahoo is likewise decided to stop the Yahoo Astrology service in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and India.

Then again, the Yahoo Livetext application launched a year ago, empowered clients to clients to send video without sound. The company likewise asserted that it was a quicker type of video communication platform. Yahoo has now said that it is closing down the application, and its core elements will be incorporated in Yahoo Messenger.

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