Yemen Conflict: 40 Al- Qaeda militants killed in US Air Strike

Yemen: In a air strike undertaken by United Stated on an Al- Qaeda training camp in South- eastern Yemen, as per local officials, there have been killed Forty militants and also around Twenty- five militants were injured. The United States had conducted the operation of air strike on Tuesday, i.e. on 22nd March, in the camp in Hajr, west of the port city of Mukalla. However, it was earlier noted by the Defence department of the United States that they have earlier estimated the death of dozens of people in the strike.

Moreover, it was notable that the current quarrel in Yemen has been exploited by the Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula for expanding the territory under its control. Also, it was seen in the past years, that the units loyal with the former president, like Houthi rebel movement and military units, have been battling a Saudi- led and US- backed coalition supporting the internationally- recognized Government.

In such incidents of fighting, there have been killed over Six thousands and above people, among them around half were civilians.

However, the campaign of United States of drone and missile strikes against the Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is being continued by the United States, throughout the conflict. And the deaths of number of major figures like leader of the Group- Nasser al- Wuhayshi and also Chief of Combat Operations- Jalal Baleedi was seen in results thereof.

Now, as per Peter Cook- Pentagon Spokesman who said on Tuesday, the Training camp was targeted which was located in a mountainous area and it was under the use of around 70 and more militants. Moreover, he further added that while in their continued assessment of the results of the operation, they found initially, dozens of militants who were killed in the operation, who have been in his words “removed from the battlefield”.

It was also stated by him that, now this strike by US would be treated as blow to the ability of Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to use Yemen as their base for their attacks.

It is also notable that the United States considers the Al- Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as one of the deadliest offshoots of the network of Jihadi, which was founded by the name of terror- Osama Bin Laden.

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